Statement of Ethics

Over the years of earnestly practicing photography, I have come to understand the significance of maintaining ethical standards in the field. The commitment to practicing ethics in photography are articulated through the workshop “Building Ethical Literacy in Photographic Practice,” organized by the Photography Ethics Centre and the VII Academy.

    • Building Relationships: I recognize that establishing a good relationship with the subjects is particularly crucial, especially in long-term projects. I commit to approaching individuals through thoughtful conversations to understand them and cultivate empathy before embarking on the photography process. Maintaining a strong relationship based on ethical foundations will be upheld throughout the entire process—before, during, and even after the completion of a project.
    • Transparency: I understand that clarity in the process of working with individuals is crucial. It is a determining factor in establishing trust between parties. I will express clarity by providing detailed information about the purpose of a project, what I aim to achieve, and the approach to its outcomes. Through this, individuals can make an informed decision on collaboration voluntarily.
    • Respect: I have learned that respect and non-judgment are key to the success of a photographic project when it comes to working with people from all walks of life. In a world without boundaries, initially, it may not be easy to embrace opinions from various perspectives and witness events from different cultural backgrounds. However, openness and respect now prove to be immensely beneficial.
    • Leave no trace: I am aware that the procedures I employ in my work may have specific effects on the environment due to various factors. I will be extremely cautious with every action, whether big or small, and thoroughly investigate its implications on nature.
This photo is Copyright by Vinh Tran. All rights reserved.