My 100 List

  1. Slap a racist bitch
  2. Hug Jim Goldberg
  3. Travel to Bhutan with mom
  4. Publish a photo book
  5. Tell Rehahn Croquevielle in person that “You are a piece of shit”
  6. Adopt a cat/dog
  7. Own a scrambler
  8. Build my own wooden bed
  9. Hug a Panda
  10. Travel to Ukraine
  11. Get a new tattoo related to photography
  12. Learn sign language
  13. Finish my 100 Holding Hands project. Only a few left Jesus Christ
  14. Go to a nude beach
  15. Do a photographic project about my future kids
  16. Dine in a restaurant in Japan at midnight
  17. Submit my Master’s Thesis
  18. Buy an electric guitar
  19. Convince a stranger to delete his/her Tiktok
  20. Build my own dark room
  21. Go to Tool’s concert
  22. Plant a tree
  23. Write a letter
  24. Run a photography workshop in Vietnam
  25. Travel to Mexico
  26. Convince a portrait photographer to shoot at f8 more often
  27. Host a talking circle
  28. Find 2 witnesses and get married
  29. Road trip in Laos
  30. Go to Alt-J’s concert
  31. Write a song
  32. See a red panda
  33. Pay my debt
  34. Decor a room of photo sequencing
  35. Travel to Madagascar
  36. Run a photography workshop for children
  37. Learn how to cook Phở
  38. Tell my future wife how lucky she is to be with me
  39. Go to a desert
  40. Attend Radiohead’s concert
  41. Ride a scrambler from Saigon to Hanoi
  42. Win a “staring competition”
  43. Learn to ride a horse
  44. Write 50 short stories
  45. Invite a Monk and a Christian Father to have a conversation
  46. Sleep for 8 hours straight
  47. Design a tattoo for a stranger
  48. Write a will
  49. Buy a large-format camera
  50. Get rid all of my fast fashion clothes
  51. Trekking with my dog
  52. Travel to Mexico
  53. Scream on top of a mountain that “Life is fucking beautiful”
  54. Ask a homeless to go for a walk with me ☑
  55. Catch a dog thief in Vietnam
  56. Read my future wife a book
  57. Buy a printer
  58. Punch a bully
  59. Tell a desperate person not to ever lose hope
  60. Teach my future kids photography
  61. Travel to Mongolia
  62. Buy a house
  63. Learn how to plant a garden
  64. Participate in a writing workshop
  65. Finish at least 3 photographic projects in one year
  66. Check my mental health with a psychiatrist
  67. Tell a German “Your beers are awful” in person
  68. Buy a medium-format analog camera
  69. Travel to the Mekong Delta
  70. Ask my parents whether they proud of me
  71. Spank my future wife
  72. Ask at least 5 strangers to choose between being successful as an engineer or failing as an artist
  73. Own 100 photobook
  74. Pet a highland cow
  75. Buy an Instax camera
  76. Watch a cheesy movie with my future wife and kid
  77. Work as a photojournalist
  78. Travel to 4 continents
  79. Convince a stranger to buy my postcard in person
  80. Listen to Jackson Browne’s discography
  81. Win a lawsuit
  82. Tell an Italian that “having Ketchup on Pizza is phenomenal” in person
  83. Finish my rejection letters project
  84. Try skydiving
  85. Attend a protest in Vietnam
  86. Photograph at least 500 strangers
  87. Get into an argument about photography with a stranger
  88. Make a stranger cry
  89. Take a basic drawing class
  90. Rewatch Boyhood
  91. Be able to write a Czech sentence
  92. Run a free photography workshop
  93. Take photos of my friend’s wedding in black and white
  94. Write a new poem (it’s been ~25 years)
  95. Punch a narrow-minded dude
  96. Tell dad I love him
  97. Tell mom I love her
  98. Tell sister I love her
  99. Tell someone that “I might not become a successful person but I’ve lived my life”
  100. Be kind ☑
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